ARROW – River Song is coming to Starling City

While fans have wanted to see River Song and Captain Jack Harkness on screen together, they will be getting the cruelest of teases, as Entertainment Weekly hasreported that Alex Kingston has been cast as Dinah Lance on The CW’s Green Arrow based crime drama Arrow.  Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman already appears on the show as Malcom Merlyn (AKA The Dark Archer).  While there is no confirmation that they will ever appear on screen, I’m willing to think it’s likely, as the people behind Arrow appear to be Doctor Who fans, so if you have the chance, why not have them on screen together?

For those unaware, Kingston’s Dinah Lance will be Laurel Lance’s mother and Detective Quentin’s ex-wife, who will return to Starling City to make amends with her family that she abandoned years earlier following the tragic death of her daughter aboard Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) yacht.”

For the comic book connection, Dinah Lance was the original Golden Age Black Canary, who was also a member of the Justice Society of America.  No word if this alter ego will be mentioned or come to light in the show itself, probably unlikely. (But I wouldn’t mind seeing Kingston’s Black Canary being an adversary of Barrowman’s Dark Archer)

So what do you think of the latest casting news for Arrow?  Have you been watching the show up to this point?  Sound off below!


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